About Us

The TKN-CONNECT company was founded in 2003.

We started our activity as one of the first importers of accessories for mobile phones, becoming a potentate on the Polish market with time.

Several years of experience and high determination have allowed us to start our own production of high quality selected electronic products. What the effect was to create your own brands: eXtremestyle® and AXIVER®.

eXtremestyle® is a leading brand of products offered by TKN-connect. It was created with the aim of offering customers exceptional products with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Among the products signed by the eXtremestyle® brand, you can find both small electronic devices such as: car and car chargers, bluetooth headsets, headsets, as well as products facilitating the use of phones, tablets and other devices, such as car, bicycle and motorcycle holders.
The eXtremestyle® brand is constantly evolving, so soon there will be new products signed with this logo.

The AXIVER® brand was created for customers looking for high-end accessories combined with modern and unconventional design. Creating the AXIVER® brand we focused primarily on the appearance of the product and its usability, hence, for example, chargers signed with the AXIVER® logo are characterized by higher parameters, including current intensity. Of course, apart from the chargers, we also offer other brand products, such as Power Boxy, handles.
Due to the continuous development of technology and an increasing number of customers who pay attention to the appearance of the product in the near future, we will be able to offer new AXIVER® brand products.

Applying all our efforts, we fulfill our mission:

We provide individual customers with access to the highest quality of innovative, cutting-edge and reliable products.

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products and constantly strive to achieve our vision:

Gaining strong distributors and strategic partners and a leading position in the industry.