How to place orders?

We accept orders via the Internet through an online warehouse,
to the e-mail address:, and by phone and fax.

Terms of registration and purchase at
- you must be an adult
- complete the registration form
- activate the account after receiving the e-mail

Benefits of shopping at
- the possibility of getting discounts for people running a business
- above PLN 600 gross, the product is sent at the expense of the seller (not applicable to memory cards)
- receiving messages about the dates of upcoming deliveries
- wholesale customers are served as a priority

New users of online wholesalers are asked to contact the sales department
to activate rebates. Otherwise, retail prices will be visible.

To make the order arrive the next business day,
please submit them by 14:00. Order placed after
at 14:00 it will be sent on the next working day.

In Warsaw, orders are delivered free of charge by
our traders.

Before collecting the parcel, the recipient is obliged to check its condition, i.e .:
- whether the company tapes are intact
- there is no damage to the protective packaging
- whether the package does not bear any interference
- whether the information on the consignment note concerning
the amount of packaging and cartons is consistent with reality.

All products purchased from us are covered by a 24-month warranty, excluding batteries, accumulators and devices with a built-in battery.
The warranty period for batteries, accumulators and devices with built-in batteries is 6 months from the date of purchase in our warehouse.
The warranty does not cover products used for misuse or mechanically damaged.

Any complaints regarding non-compliance with the purchase,
erroneous editions, damaged warehouse shipments,
please report to the following e-mail address:
or by phone: +48 22 6156498